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Обычная цена $249.00 USD
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Gravity is a reflector lamp

The direction of the light is regulated by the power cord, which is both a decorative and a functional element! In the office and at home, it will be your assistant, you can even take the lamp with you on a trip because the lamp does not take up much space when folded! With one move, you can change the shape, change the direction of the light, or simply disassemble the lamp into a flat sheet that doesn't take up any space at all, it's really very compact! Gravity is assembled according to a specially designed pattern on screw fasteners, so its production process is zero-waste.

The main material is recycled plastic. The body of the lamp is coated with reflective paint with glass beads for better light reflection. Reflector design is inspired by road markings. The entire structure is assembled and disassembled by hand in minutes without any tools.

Packaging - a cardboard tube 160 x 95 mm.

The self-assembly design of the luminaire minimizes packaging, and since the lamp is assembled by the user, fewer vehicles are involved in the production cycle of the kit. This allows reducing the carbon footprint of the product


Processing Time: Please allow 5-7 business days before shipping


Power Consumption: 3W

Output: 250 Lumens, 4000K, 12V, G4, 15,000 hours working life



Design by Maya Prokhorova

Produce by Mayaprodesign

2021 year